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Created on 1 January, 2024 • 966 views

These are the extra terms & privacy policy of the item, in addition to the already enforced terms & privacy policy by the Prolink. By purchasing, downloading, and using this product, you agree to those extra terms & privacy policy

When visiting the demo of the product, your processed data will be kept for around 30 days (more or less) and then it will be completely erased, including data that you submitted yourself when testing the product.

The demo of the product is for demonstration purposes, you will get everything that you see in the demo, excluding data that is stored solely on the demo (users, links..etc), and other potential custom related data that is only there for demonstration purposes.

Failing to request support from the proper channels mentioned in the Support tab, or not providing proof of purchase when asking for support will lead to your support request being discarded.

We do collect access logs & track the visits to our demo for security & statistics purposes, including the use of required cookies. All this data is automatically being deleted once every 30 days (give or take). By accessing our demo, you comply with these terms.

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